Sørig & Jacobsen

Warm, friendly and embracing were key words when the two industrial designers, Henrik Sørig Thomsen and Tobias Jacobsen, began designing the first wood-burning stoves for HWAM Heat Design. The year 2001 brought about the ground-breaking wood-burning stoves Figaro, Carmen, Othello, and later on, the insert with a curved front, the I 20/80.

"In order to make the design process more fruitful and exciting, we have chosen to work together on projects. When we meet, a certain kind of creative energy develops. We are inspired by each other," Henrik Sørig Thomsen tells us. Henrik Sørig Thomsen has a background in carpentry, and Tobias Jacobsen is a goldsmith. Their education at the Danish School of Design enabled them to combine craftsmanship with creativity.

During the development phase of a HWAM product, we pay special attention to graphic and sculptural expression. There are many lines and functions that must be designed and create a common structure. It is important that our shapes are also attractive from the rear side. We try to give the wood-burning stove the same character of a furniture piece. There must be a finish on the product, which might be recognisable from some of the largest furniture classics.

Good design is always the result of good dialogue and an exciting creative process. For these two designers, this means that there should be space to take the customer's needs into consideration and to concentrate on technical details.

In their constant attempts at improving the consumer's experiences of form and function, they have both been inspired by B & O, IKEA and great Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen.

Henrik Sørig Thomsen Design Studio (located in Aarhus) and Tobias Jacobsen Design (Copenhagen) cooperate on product design projects, and together they have created the firm Sørig & Jacobsen I/S.

Among other things, Sørig & Jacobsen has designed indoor and outdoor products and furniture pieces and electronic products, such as the Beocom telephone for B & O.

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